Colorado Writes DEA Requesting Marijuana Reclassification

WSJ Team December 31, 2011 0

The head of the Colorado Department of Revenue is taking action to make Colorado the third state to formally propose that the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) reschedule marijuana away from a schedule I drug, which categorizes the drug as highly addictive while also providing no medicinal value.

Barbara Brohl, Revenue Department execute director, urges that the drug be reclassified due to its “potential medicinal value” and argues that current federal law, which deems all marijuana possession and distribution illegal, makes it difficult for her to administer Colorado’s laws in a comfortable manner.

“As long as there is divergence in state and federal law, there is a lack of certainty necessary to provide safe access for patients with serious medical conditions,” Brohl wrote.

In the letter, Brohl briefly details Colorado’s current marijuana regulations and requests that the DEA consider moving marijuana from schedule I to schedule II.  Schedule II drugs, which include such drugs as cocaine and morphine, are considered to be highly addictive, but also offer some sort of medicinal value.

Last month, the governors of Washington and Rhode Island also asked that the government list marijuana as a schedule II drug, however in the past the DEA has rejected similar requests.
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