Massachusetts Bill Would Legalize Medical Marijuana

WSJ Team June 28, 2011 1

As predicted yet another state is considering a bill that would legalize the use of marijuana to ease symptoms such as chronic pain and nausea.  That’s right, Massachusetts is next in line to reap the benefits of legal marijuana distribution and regulation.

“Marijuana has proven its medical efficacy,” said Rep. Frank Smizik, co-sponsor of the bill.  He then went on to say “This bill is about more than just commonsense; it’s about compassion.  Smizik brought up a good point when brought up the undeniable fact that current patients are faced with a daunting decision between foregoing much needed relief or breaking the law.  If legalized in the state patients suffering from illnesses including HIV or AIDS, cancer, glaucoma, and multiple sclerosis can legally obtain marijuana from distribution centers rather than meeting up with the local drug dealer.  If you have an interest in medical studies conducted regarding these illnesses along with other check out our marijuana research section here: Marijuana Research and Medical Studies

It is no surprise to me that the movement is growing exponentially and that we will continue to take small steps toward marijuana reform.  As in legislation in previously legalized states the bill requires patients to obtain written confirmation of their need from a doctor and to then register with the Department of Public Health.  The bill would establish 19 dispensaries dispersed throughout the state, which would be strictly monitored by the department.  Of course, regardless of the amount of support this bill has received there will always be those who show concern that the system would be abused.

Sen. Stanley Rosenberg, D-Amherst, a co-sponsor of the bill, testified that strict oversight by the Department of Public Health will protect against these problems and others seen in other states that have legalized medical marijuana.  “We want to make sure only the people who really need it get it” Rosenberg said.  Regardless of the regulations, it is obvious that people are beginning to open their eyes to the idea that marijuana may not actually be as evil as it seems.


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