2015 Marijuana Policy Update

WSJ Team January 17, 2015 0

It’s a new year and a bright future for our community. With a presidential election looming in the near future of 2016, the need for universal drug policy reform has never been greater. It is vital that states jump on board to legalize while they can, as the next presidential candidate could have significant changes on marijuana policy in the U.S. and potentially allow for intervention by the Federal Government. As a result, 2015 is a year that should see an abundance of marijuana policy change.

Not only have Washington and Colorado legalized weed for recreational use, but Oregon and Alaska have followed suit. As the year progresses, we hope to not only see continued legalization by other states, but also more accurate data analysis on this natural herb rather than conclusive statements that continue to plague the media.

Check out the top 8 things you should watch for a as the year gets off to a promising start!

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