The Compton Grinder is the latest product to come into our review booth. This thing impressed me right out of the box. I immediately noticed that it felt heavier/sturdier than other name brand grinders I’ve used. The top sports a pretty sleek Compton Grinders logo and I love seeing that “Made in the USA” stamp.

The top attaches to the toothed section with a fairly strong magnet so you won’t have any problems with it coming off inadvertently. The grinder teeth are sharp and strong. Their layout is unique and unlike any other grinder I’ve used before. There is an open section near one of the edges. Every other grinder I’ve used had teeth throughout. Needless to say I was intrigued and excited to check it out.



I loaded up a few dense nugs and before long the Compton Grinder churned out material in a perfect consistency. The grinder action is smooth and you can almost feel the teeth pass along each other as they do their work. Overall, the Compton Grinder does a great job grinding.


The final piece of my review covers the removable screen. Each four piece grinder comes with a silver knob style tool. At first I had no idea what it was for and there were no instructions in the box. I noticed there were two teeth on the bottom side of the tool. After removing all the sections I soon found the screen had openings that fit these teeth perfectly. Voila, a few turns later and the screen was completely removed from the grinder. I really like this feature because it will make collecting built up keef that much easier.


toolTool installed


Overall the Compton Grinder looks great, gets the job done well and has a unique feature that sets itself apart from the rest. I hope you guys enjoyed the review.