Advocates for Medical Marijuana Rally Against Obama

WSJ Team September 25, 2012 0

On Thursday, September 20, advocates across the country rallied at Obama campaign offices in protest of the Obama administration’s aggressive policies against legalized marijuana. The “Camp WakeUpObama” campaigns are being organized by Americans for Safe Access in an attempt to inform the public of Obama’s broken promises on the subject. When running for president he promised he was, “…not got to use justice department resources to try to circumvent state medical marijuana laws.”

Over the past three years, the DEA under Obama has conducted over 200 raids on legitimately run, legalized medical marijuana facilities. Some say that the DEA has even gone as far as to threaten states with legal action of they attempt to  continue their medical marijuana policies. Landlords have come forth in statements saying that they have received notices that their property may be seized if they do not evict dispensaries doing business on their property.




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