Alaska Becomes First Red State to End Marijuana Prohibition!

WSJ Team February 24, 2015 1

Alaska – February 24, 2015 – We have another reason to celebrate this Tuesday morning other than being less than one month closer to spring – Alaska has officially ended marijuana prohibition, making individual possession, cultivation and recreational consumption LEGAL, today! This is a huge step, considering Alaska will be the first “Red State” to favor marijuana legalization (“Red State” meaning predominantly votes in support of the Republican Party). On November 4, 2014, registered voters of Alaska had the opportunity to participate in Ballot Measure 2, with the final result being 53-47 percent in favor of marijuana legalization.

Under Ballot Measure 2 Alaskans at least 21 years of age and older are permitted up to one ounce of marijuana, to include possession of up to six plants, although only three of the six plants may be considered mature at any one time. This also includes permission to share the same aforementioned amount with other individuals at least 21 years of age for recreational use, as well as the sale, manufacture, and possession of marijuana paraphernalia legal.

The state now has roughly nine months to solidify commercial marijuana business regulations (they are hoping to open general public dispensaries and the similar by spring/summer 2016). While this is news worthy of celebration, keep in mind that the passing of Ballot Measure 2 does NOT permit you to toke your buds in public. Thou must still smoke thee chronic in a respectful location! The WSJ Team is beyond proud for those that not only took the advantage of the opportunity to vote, but especially for those who will no longer be identified as criminal offenders for indulging in the finer (not to mention less harmful) things in life! For more info on Alaska’s initiative to end marijuana prohibition, click here!

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