The All-Seeing Cannabis

WSJ Team March 3, 2015 0

If cannabis awakens us, then why are they rapidly legalizing it? If you use cannabis, you probably are awake to some degree. Awake means something different from person to person, an unbroken chain from abject robotic conformity to full consciousness. And waking up is hard to do! Marijuana helps us achieve illumination, the secret sauce, so to speak, of the “elite.” And the elite in power this century are legalizing it nonetheless, as we explore herein.

Are you a Political Agnostic?

Let’s take politics for example. Are you really awake or simply “politically agnostic”? According to the Urban Dictionary, a political agnostic is:

One who is a registered voter and politically informed, but is basically indifferent and non-committal toward the popular political parties (Democrat or Republican in the US). Probably believes that the political parties are so ideologically similar and so mired in their own bureaucracy that they have outlived their usefulness. Voting straight-ticket out of allegiance to a political party would be considered heresy.

Being politically agnostic is probably the first step to being awake. If you’re a diehard Republican or Democrat, sorry but you are likely stuck in the Hegelian Dialect, a “framework for guiding our thoughts and actions into conflicts (e.g., Republican versus Democrat) that leads us to a predetermined solution.” If you are a devout Tea Partier, then you are likely a victim of the controlled opposition, like Fox and RT News, or Zero Hedge, at the extreme. Hegelian conflicts steer every political arena on the planet, from the United Nations to local governments.

I am Awake

Going Beyond

From the politically-agnostic state, it could take years to become fully conscious and no longer susceptible to the intended effects of centrally planned propaganda in the mainstream media, television and organized education.

Cannabis opens the mind, deconditions and facilitates the awakening process in the soul. Thus, cannabis is “anathema to the dominator culture because it decouples users from accepted values,” per a famous quote by Terence McKenna, the Timothy Leary of the nineties.

Indeed, cannabis opens up the chakras and the pineal gland – the Third Eye, Horus’ “all-seeing eye,” or The Grateful Dead’s “eyes of the world” – which is otherwise suppressed by harmful toxins placed into our environment. This physical and spiritual awareness brings out our inner artist, which is a threat to social programming that uses fear and stress to accomplish some agenda.

“Cannabis induces a Butterfly Effect in thought, which deconditions our thinking, leads us to the really big connectivity ideas arrived at wholly outside the linear steps of argument. These are the gestalt-perceiving, asterism-forming ‘aha’s!’ that connect the dots and light up the sky with a new archetypal pattern,” says Darwin’s Pharmacy author Rich Doyle.

Who is really awake?

But are politicians awake? Most don’t appear to be. Are Hollywood celebrities awake? For folks in such a conflicted position, almost regal, I surely hope not, although Jim Carrey certainly believes he’s awake. Is your corporate boss who is squeezing more and more out of you, for less and less, awake? Probably not, his boss is towing the corporate line, and so on up the corporate pyramid. Are the senior managers of global investment firms and banks awake? Well, these folks are typically bright, and do hold inside information. Heck, are the controlling owners of the largest multinationals awake? Of course, but awake means something entirely different to them, one imagines.

Still, it is probable that many in power are totally asleep, as agnostic beneficiaries of the control system. Well, again, unless they smoke cannabis, which lifts one out of the deep-sleep matrix. Unless you are a close confident with the elite, you will never know for sure if they are conscious and, not to sound cynical, aware of the real, not imagined, impact of their actions on humanity.

The next time you smoke weed or have a THC-infused chocolate bar, turn a mainstream news channel on, like CNN or CNBC, and analyze the talking heads, what they are saying and how they are saying it. Every one of them, not just the anchor, is reading from the same Hegelian script! You see it much more clearly now. It’s all “fake,” as Elliott Management CEO and Founder Paul Singer so aptly puts it! Then turn off the TV, and take in a real experience, instead. You are free of the globally-purposed Hegelian dialect.

Why are they encouraging and funding legalization?

If cannabis is so eye-opening, then why do the elite encourage marijuana legalization and fund it, George Soros, for starters? If you just follow the money, you would conclude that cannabis will become fully and federally legalized in a relatively short period. It’s not “if,” but “when, as we explore in our Feb-26 article on Federal legalization. (And it is clear to me that the mainstream media, the liberal media at least, is slowly deconditioning and reversing the “war on drugs” rehtoric.)

The elite probably have five beliefs that spur them to legalize cannabis, and we can counter every one of their designs and still extract the full benefit of the plant, if we’re smart:

  1. Cannabis tunes people out of politics. So tune into politics by accessing the alternative media to see what the mainstream sources are not telling you, and cut through the few deceptions planted into the controlled opposition sources, to understand the true “international socio political economy” and how Republicans and Democrats work for the same global agenda.
  2. For some, it is a gateway drug and can lead to substantially more harmful drugs. As they control the drug trade, they believe that they can accentuate weed’s gateway nature, which is otherwise insubstantial in a legalized environment. So don’t do man-made, altered or highly addictive drugs, or abuse alcohol and mix with weed (and see our Feb-22 article on Cannabis vs. Alcohol).
  3. Once the multinational corporations try to co-opt much of the weed industry, they will try to poison the product like they currently do much of our food, medicine, air and water. So refuse their bribes, stick with independent producers and grow your own seeds from trusted sources.
  4. Consumed in excess, cannabis can facilitate the onset of Sodom & Gomorrah in the modern world, and wreck society. Everything in moderation. If, after smoking or ingesting too much, making you lazy and depressed, take a break and consume less.
  5. In certain contexts, cannabis can be used as a gateway to demonic possession. When “Lucifer the Lightbearer” approaches, turn the other way and realize you are far more powerful, in the long run, without him.

We will prevail, but only if we are collectively awake. In this communication, I attempted to define what “collectively awake” means, but this is just one person’s attempt to quantify the unquantifiable. We have to figure this out, both on our own and together.


By Robert Brand


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