A study led by Sabine Steffens, Niels R. Veillard, Claire Arnaud, Graziano Pelli, Fabienne Burger, Christian Staub, Andreas Zimmer, Jean-Louis Frossard & François Mach to see whether THC effects the progression of atherosclerosis in vivo in mice. Mice were given a high cholesterol diet for 5 weeks and then were given a 1mgkg-1 of THC daily for 6 week to test its efficiency on advanced and established atherosclerosis. The mice who did not receive THC had a marked progression of atherosclerotic lesions in aortic roots however, the mice who were given THC daily showed a significant reduction in the progression of atherosclerotic lesions. The tests were then repeated when a CB2 receptor antagonist was given to mice receiving the THC and the differences in progression of the atherosclerotic lesions between the mice that were being treated and the mice that were not disappeared. The study showed a distinct relation between the treatment of ALS with THC and CB2 receptors.

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