Bad Weather Ideas for Stoners

WSJ Team October 28, 2012 0

With hurricane Sandy hitting the east coast and a blizzard on the west coast, it seems clear that many of our readers will be stuck inside — possibly without electricity. We have some suggestions of some of the very cool things you can do to pass the time.

Get Stoned! No brainer, right? All of our other ideas assume that you are!

Eat:  This is an especially good idea if you lose power. You’ll have tons of food that must be eaten before it goes bad. So indulge! If you still have power: cook up some special foods (i.e. hamburger for tacos, etc) and keep it  cold till you’re ready to eat them .This would be a good time to try baking up a batch of brownies.

Watch horror movies or stoner comedies such as Harold and Kumar. The horror movies will seem more real and the comedies will be even funnier than before.

Listen to music and/or play an instrument. Our creative abilities are heightened when we are stoned. Every not will be clearer and you may just write a new song.

Play board games. Not just any board games but games like Pictionary where you have to draw the clues. You and your friends are sure to laugh your asses off.

Run around outside. Enjoy nature at its  most severe. You will feel every drop of rain. You may even find yourself playing games of tag and pretending to fly. We caution you to  not jump off any roofs or tall buildings. And don’t  stray out of your own yard. You want to have fun, not get injured.

Work at a hobby. This is especially true if your hobby involves painting or sculpture. You will lose track of time and spend hours creating something brilliant.

Write. Journal your emotions, your experiences getting high, etc. Or, you could write a short story of fiction.

Finally, sleep. Perhaps the bad weather will have passed by the time you wake up.




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