BOG Bubble review and information

BOG Bubble is a hybrid cannabis strain. BOG Bubble has a modest amount of 15% THC on average although this number could vary from one grower to another.

BOG Bubble can make you feel and has been reported to help with insomnia. BOG Bubble has a relatively strong flowery aroma. Some side effects and negatives has been experienced with this strain including .

Today, there are thousands of different types of hybrids. Some are high in CBD; others are high in THC. Many contain a mix of cannabinoids. Hybrid cannabis plants produce flowers with both indica and sativa strains' genetic makeup that are either sativa or indica dominant. Hybrid cannabis strains are man-made plants that offer a psychoactive balance with specific kinds of characteristics found in cannabis ruderalis, sativa, and indica strains.

BOG Bubble characteristics and details

What is BOG Bubble used for?

➜BOG Bubble has been reported to help with insomnia, stress, pain.

How does BOG Bubble smell?

➜BOG Bubble aroma is recorded as flowery, blueberry, berry.

How does BOG Bubble make you feel?

➜BOG Bubble can make you feel tingly.

What are BOG Bubble's side effects?

➜Negative impacts ofBOG Bubble are dry mouth.

BOG Bubble is an indica-dominant hybrid bred by B.O.G. Seeds. These frosty, sticky buds offer a sweet, bubblegum aroma and deliver long-lasting, uplifting effects. Grows are successful indoor or outdoor, flowering between 45 and 50 days.