Breaking News: Feds Move to Close Harborside

WSJ Team August 14, 2012 0

The Federal government has made a move to permanently close Harborside by placing a notice of property forfeiture on its doors.  This devastating news came to us early this week via a press release from Harborside. If successful, this means the closure of one of the largest and most respected dispensary in the United States.

Property forfeiture is just the latest weapon the Feds are using in the “war on drugs.”  Called the “National Assets Seizure and Forfeiture Fund,” it was established by the Department of Justice in the late 1980s. Originally, it was meant to curb illegal drug activity and prostitution. It is estimated that this law has provided the Federal government with over $875 million in assets.  It is unclear where the government draws the line between illegal drug activity and legal activity. Harborside is known nationally as a model for legal compliance and responsible operation.. Recently, there has been much concern by State officials because Federal laws outweigh any state and local laws.  The result has been that states have been slow to enact new marijuana laws even if these laws have been passed by voters. (Case in point: read our recent post on New Jersey)

Of great concern to supporters of legalized cannabis for medical use is the impact the closing will have on the estimated 1.1 million patients living in California. The closing of Harborside means that these patients are now at a loss of where to go to get their medication. Most are frightened that they will now have to resort to illegal means to meet their needs. Those using illegal means to get their meds not only face the possibility of arrest, but they are also challenged with not getting medical grade cannabis.

In a continually ugly presidential race, it appears that the Obama Administration is taking a hard stance on the use of legalized marijuana in an effort to connect with more conservative voters. Show your support for Harborside by signing the petition to keep it open.

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