Breast Cancer Marijuana Studies

WSJ Team September 17, 2010 0

A study was led by Alessia LigrestiAniello Schiano MorielloKatarzyna Starowicz,Isabel MatiasSimona PisantiLucianoDe PetrocellisChiara Laezza, Giuseppe PortellaMaurizio Bifulco, and Vincenzo Di Marzo was conducted on the effect of Cannabinoids namely (THC) and Cannabidiol on human breast cancer cells. The study used 2 cannabis extracts which were cannabinoid acids. These cannabinoids were administered in vitro to numerous tumor cells and both cannabis extracts were shown to inhibit and even shrink various tumor cells namely malignant breast cancer cell lines. The tests that were done in vivo were done with mice as the test subjects. The mice that were being treated with the Cannabis extracts had smaller tumors in comparison to the control mice. The study also showed that these extracts inhibited the metastasis of tumor cells in vivo. The cannabis extracts would induce apoptosis and inflict oxidative stress to tumor cells in order to inhibit their growth. However, more research still remains to be done to learn about the chemical processes that these extracts have on tumor cells.

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Researchers from the University of Arkansas led a study on 243 women who received surgery related to breast cancer. Many women after surgery experience extreme nausea and vomit. Before surgery women were given a 5 mg dose of THC in the form of Dronabinol and were also given a dose of prochlorperazine. The results were extremely significant nausea was reduced from 59% to 15% and vomiting was reduced from 29% to 3%.

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