Bubba Banner review and information

Bubba Banner is a hybrid cannabis strain.

Bubba Banner has a relatively strong flowery aroma.

Hybrid strains are going to be the most common type, with many people pledging their allegiance to hybrids above sativa or indica. Hybrids offer a uniquely curated experience, depending on their unique symphony of cannabinoids and terpenes. Seasoned smokers can definitely tell the difference. Hybrid plant leaves look a little bit like sativa and a little bit like indica. This can be perceived as fatter sativa leaves or thinner indica leaves, depending on how you choose to look at it. If a strain is dominant in one variety, the leaves will probably look most like the dominant type.

Bubba Banner characteristics and details

What is Bubba Banner used for?

➜This section is to be complete. Please let us know your own experience with this strain.

How does Bubba Banner smell?

➜Bubba Banner aroma is recorded as flowery, pine, diesel.

How does Bubba Banner make you feel?

➜Our database is yet to be completed with effects of Bubba Banner. Please let us know your experience if you have used this strain.

What are Bubba Banner's side effects?

➜No negative impact has been reported for Bubba Banner so far! Please be mindful that this does not mean the strain has no side effect.