The typical westerner believes that alcohol is okay for adults to consume and that marijuana is strictly for the deviant. The average reader is probably not the typical westerner. As we explore herein, cannabis is vastly “better” than alcohol on every count. We will have made a giant step towards freedom once marijuana is legalized and prohibition ends. The People fought and won against alcohol prohibition in the thirties. Why not cannabis prohibition in the 2010’s? Marijuana is beneficial for society on a whole, whereas alcohol is definitely not. Meanwhile, the mainstream outlets, like most of the mainstream media and private and public institutions, continue to propagandize that marijuana is bad on all fronts.

By contrast, cannabis is diametrically better than alcohol on all accounts:

Alcohol vs Marijuana

Non-addictive:  While alcoholism is hard core addiction, “cannabis physical addiction has not been proven, with a dependence rate of 9% in adult users.” Most of us don’t feel any physical withdrawal after the first day or two.


An Anti-depressant: Among hundreds of other health benefits, as a natural, unaltered substance, cannabis does not directly cause depression. Rather, it treats depression at the source, and is, again, not physically addictive and does not kill you or send you to a methadone clinic.

Mayo Clinic 

Medical Marijuana

A cure for cancer: There is a cure for cancer, despite what they say. The cure is cannabis, in addition to several other natural substances, like food-grade hydrogen peroxide (H2O2). By contrast, alcohol causes cancer!

20 Medical Studies with Summary Overviews

Youtube – H202 Fights Cancer

Even the mainstream American Cancer Society supports H2O2 for cancer prevention and general medicine.

Non-lethal: Cannabis has a track record of zero deaths in history. In fact, “THC triggers the release of pregnenolone…which prevents users from getting high,” clarifies Leaf Science. By contrast, alcohol causes one million deaths per annum.

Leaf Science

Beneficial to the police and NHS: While alcohol costs Britain’s police and NHS millions, cannabis saves them millions.

Daily Mail

Not prone to overdose: In the extreme, alcohol overdoes may result in death, whereas cannabis will simply make you sleepy.

Drug Policy Alliance

Beneficial to brain cells: Cannabis actually grows brain cells, whereas alcohol kills them.

Hemp for Future

Our advice: stick to cannabis. If you’re going to drink alcohol, limit your intake to one or two glasses of a low-tannin red wine (organic, preferably) with dinner, or gluten-free potato vodka, like Luksosowa, made from polish potatoes, as an aperitif. Cheers!


By Robert Brand