Where Cannabis is Legal

WSJ Team October 1, 2012 0

Everyone knows that marijuana is legal in Netherlands–this is what put in on the map. But did you know that there are several other countries where cannabis is legal? I give you the rundown on the countries where you can light up without fear of arrest.

Argentina —  You can possess it and smoke it. But don’t get caught growing or selling it.

Australia — This country is very similar to the United States in that each territory has their own laws governing cannabis. Go ahead and light up in the Capitol, Southern Australia Territory, Western Australia and Northern Territory. Beware if you happen to be in New South Wales, Victoria, Queensland or Tasmania. Your best bet is to refrain from lighting up although arrests are rare and punishment tends to be treatment and not fines or jail time.

Belgium —  This is one of those iffy countries where it is illegal but arrests/punishment are rare as long as the user is smoking in their own residence.

Brazil – This country known for its  beaches and party atmosphere has mixed laws. It is legal to use and grow pot for personal use. However, there are stiff penalties (5 -15 years in prison) if you are caught transporting or selling. Your best bet,  refrain from use no matter how tempting it is. Better safe than sorry.

Cambodia — Basically it is illegal to smoke but legal to eat. Many restraints in the country offer dishes that have marijuana as an ingredient.

Cyprus –  It is legal to possess up to 15 grams. So, smoke your heart out.

Ecuador  –  It is totally legal here.

Iran — Here you are safe as long as you eat and don’t smoke it. Yup, here you can grow marijuana plants as food, but beware–there are steep fines for smoking.

Mexico – You can possess up to 5 grams with no worries. But it is illegal to grow or sell.

Netherlands  — To be on the safe side, only smoke  in an authorized coffee house.

Peru – Up to eight grams is permitted as long as the user does not have another drug in their possession.





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