Charas is a concentrate that is originally found in India/Himalayas and has spread to Pakistan and Afghanistan.  It  is made from live cannabis buds. The best charas is said to be found in Malana, a North Indian village. Charas is a major economic force in the rural Indian economy. Even though it is technically illegal to possess cannabis products, the law enforcement on users is very relaxed, which leads to a large amount of cannabis farming occuring in the mountains. Typically these farms are kept away froms roads and sight so law enforcement has difficulty reaching it.

A few weeks before a marijuana bud is ripe to be smoked alone is normally the time you pick it to make charas. As soon as you pick the bud start trimming a few of the leaves off while leaving a portion as well as a decent part of the stem. Rub the bud in your hand and watch as resin and oil from the plant sticks to your hand. With your thumb press firmly on the oils and make its stick to your thumb so that it creates a hash blob on your thumb. Basically, do this till your bud stops secreting oils on your hand. Put your charas in a chillum and commence smoking.

Charas is picking up in popularity in Amsterdam Coffee Shops, but to my knowledge it has yet to be acquired in dispensaries around the U.S.A. It is very easy to make, and if you grow your own bud you should definitely try it.

You can watch Strain Hunters: India Expedition to learn even more. It is a one hour documentary that is beautifully made showing Charas’ importance in Indian culture as well as the best techniques to grow and make the final product.

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