All I Want for Christmas: Great Gift Ideas

WSJ Team December 20, 2012 0

Christmas is just around the corner and no doubt many of you will be doing some last minute shopping this weekend. Here, I have listed great gift ideas for the smoker in your life. Prices range from the outrageous to just a few dollars.


The “Legalize It” pot leaf poster from Spencer’s. This black light poster is only $7.99 and a sure hit with all your friends. While you are there, pick up the necessary black light and some other unnecessary things such as a lava lamp.


Movies, movies and some more movies. There are a few great ones to pick from this year including: Men in Black 3, Ted and Total Recall. Prices vary but be prepared to pay between $15 and $20 dollars per movie.


The Stewie “Go to Hell” Fleece Blanket – This is great because we all get cold in winter. If I have this blanket, I no longer have to exert myself by extending my middle finger. My Stewie blankey says it all for me. Regular priced $22.00 On sale at Spencer’s $17.99


A Wal-Mart Gift Card. I would be very happy with one of these in any amount. I can now stock up on all the junk food I will want for when I have the munchies later on……


A vacation trip to Washington or Colorado. I want to smoke freely out in the open. I suggest a nice hotel (with spa if you please) in Seattle. I wouldn’t mind a ski trip to Colorado. I don’t ski, but that is not the reason I would be going. This is an expensive trip so is the perfect gift for those you love most (like yourself).


A donation to NORML given in the name of your best friend. We wouldn’t be able to smoke in Washington and Colorado if it weren’t for their hard work!


An ad for your friend’s business on our Weed Street Journal site. It is more affordable than you think and your friend will be pleased with the amount of support you are showing them.





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