According to the NCAA, there are substantially more athletes testing positive for marijuana use. In 2008-2009 there were only 28 positive tests for marijuana. However, in 2009-2010 the figure tripled to 71 positive tests. The positive tests only account for 3% of the total samples, but this increase has alarmed the CEO of the U.S Anti-Doping Agency, Travis Tygart. Tygart mentions that with medical marijuana use and legalization movements occurring in many states it is not surprising that levels of use have increased.

He further mentions “It’s a fear we’ve had that as marijuana and even some performance-enhancing drugs become more socially acceptable that athletes will think it might be acceptable within sports…Sports have a totally different set of rules in place to provide a level, healthy, safe environment for athletes. Even if the use was not criminal or was for medicinal purposes, sports are unique and are supposed to present human competition at its finest.”

The NCAA only tests before major Championship games as well as before football bowl games. Schools also have their own testing policies for drugs. The NCAA mandates that if an athlete tests positive for marijuana, the student will sit out for a season and lose a year of eligibility.

Its no surprise that our athletic system follows the same draconian policies as our countries, but at least athletes are joining the civil disobedience movement. Bringing this issue into the spotlight is critically important.

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