The Mayo Clinic conducted a study on the effects of THC on the lower digestive system. 52 volunteers were given a dose of 7.5 mg of Marinol or a placebo. 30 of the subjects were women and 22 were men they had an average age of about 35. Before the subjects took the THC medication measurement of colonic contractions and sensation were taken. This measurement was repeated one hour after the medication was taken. After the subjects drank 1000 calorie chocolate milkshakes the measurement was taken again approximately one hour after the participants drank the milk shake. The study suggested the drug inhibited postprandial colonic contractions and a non-significant effect on fasting colonic contractions. The study suggested that the effect was stronger in women than in men and the drug had a relaxing effect on the colon. The results suggest that cannabinoids can modulate colonic motor function and the investigators stated that there should be further research on the effect of cannabinoids on the colon.

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