Co-Owner of Montana Cannabis Dies in Federal Custody

WSJ Team September 4, 2012 0

Richard Flor, the co-founder of Montana Cannabis, died last Wednesday after having  two  heart attacks while in Federal Custody. Flor was suffering from a number of health issues including dementia, failing kidneys and heart problems. He was supposed to be in a special Federal prison that was set up to care of those with special health issues. Unfortunately, he never made it to that facility.

Richard Flor and his wife, Sherry Flor were both arrested and sentenced in April for dispensing marijuana.  Their medical dispensary, Montana Cannabis was operating legally in the state of Montana. However, the Feds played the dirty card and closed down the dispensary, claiming that Federal laws rule over state laws.  Not only did it take away the livelihood of Flor and his family (his son helps run the dispensary) but it also stopped thousands from getting their meds. One of those thousands is Sherry Flo, who relies on medical cannabis because she is allergic to traditional pain medications.

In April, Richard Flor was sentenced to 5 years in prison and his wife 2 years. (There is no mention about their son). At his sentencing, US District Judge Charles Lovell recommended that Flor be incarcerated in a special medical facility.  Unfortunately, he stayed in a correctional facility in Shelby, Montana with no known attempts to move him until last week.

Where he was headed remains a mystery, as even his lawyer, Brad Arndorfer, claims he does not know. What is known is that Flor was in transport to a medical facility when he had two heart attacks in Las Vegas, NV during a lay-over.

Attorney Brad Amdorfer made the following statement: “It is incredible to me to take a  man with dementia, failing kidneys, severe diabetes  and unable to care for himself and incarcerate him. He required nursing home care, and as far as I can tell he didn’t receive any care while he was incarcerated in Shelby. It doesn’t make any sense to me.”

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