Former DEA Officials Petition Just Department

WSJ Team September 27, 2012 0

Federal government officials have struck another blow to states that are looking to legalize marijuana.  Last week nine former directors of the DEA sent a letter to the US Attorney General Eric Holder.  In the letter, signed by John Bartels and Karen Tandy (among others) they asked the US Attorney General to take a tough stand against states looking to legalize the recreational use of marijuana.

Reuters pertained a copy of the letter which states, “To continue to remain silent conveys to the American public and the global community a tacit acceptance of these dangerous initiatives.” The letter further stated that any state laws permitting leisure use of marijuana would be in direct conflict with Federal laws prohibiting such use. (Federal law outweighs state laws.). The latter appears to be an effort on the writers to remind Holder of his words on the subject in 2010 when he said that he would, “vigorously enforce” Federal laws.

The letter targets three states specifically, Oregon, Colorado and Washington. Each state has an initiative on November’s ballot that would make it legal to buy and possession small amounts (less than an ounce) of marijuana. Recent opinion polls show that voters favor the initiatives in all three states.

It does not appear that the letters targeted states with initiatives to legalize the medical use of marijuana.


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