Dominator review and information

Dominator is a sativa weed strain.

Dominator can make you feel focused. Dominator has a relatively strong diesel aroma. Some side effects and negatives has been experienced with this strain including anxiousness.

The stimulation of an uplifting Sativa high is perfect for anyone who prefers to consume cannabis during the day. For some individuals consuming Sativa strains high with high THC, the racing thoughts, as well as the spiraling mental stimulation associated with a Sativa strain, can actually increase their anxiety. This is the main reason people who are predisposed to anxiety attacks often go for high CBD strains. Then, the patient may feel Sativa-dominant alertness with only mild euphoria.

Dominator characteristics and details

What is Dominator used for?

➜This section is to be complete. Please let us know your own experience with this strain.

How does Dominator smell?

➜Dominator aroma is recorded as diesel, nutty, chemical.

How does Dominator make you feel?

➜Dominator can make you feel focused, energetic.

What are Dominator's side effects?

➜Negative impacts ofDominator are anxiousness, dry eyes, dry mouth.