Who is the Drug Czar?

WSJ Team January 17, 2011 1

The Current Drug Czar Gil Kerlikowske

America has an appointed leader that has lead the war on drugs. Their unofficial title is Drug Czar. For every citizen in America that should be extremely scary. Why are there Czar’s in America in the first place? What really comes to mind when you think of the word Czar? A supreme Russian overlord that was not appointed by the people and takes part in corrupt and abusive activities? The most disturbing thing is that is exactly the job of the Drug Czar. They have killed countless numbers of people and have launched a war that we have been fighting since the Nixon era.  We have spent hundreds of billions of dollars in the meantime running up our deficit only to find out that marijuana is more accessible than ever and violence has escalated to a new paramount level.

Another problem is it is perpetual. Every politician is scared to make a drastic change to protect the lives of its citizens and appoint a leader who believes in finding a solution to a drug problem, rather than just pour OUR money into a corrupt system that allows unwarranted home raids.

The worst problem of all is that these goons think its ok to take away people’s medication. What if your mother, father, uncle, aunt, sister, brother, or friend has multiple sclerosis and could not even get up in the morning because they cannot acquire cannabis medication. How about your loved one dies because the cancer treatment they are enduring leaves them nauseous and unable to eat and cannot get access to the best appetite-inducing drug on the planet.

If legalizing marijuana is not on the agenda for any of the politicians it is important that we do not let people die and suffer because of some stigma against marijuana. Once we can attain more readers we must strive to take drastic action against these injustices. With your help, in the future we can plan events that will really send the message to our politicians.

Join us in the revolution to protect marijuana patients who don’t have a voice.

Stay tuned in the coming months we will be planning something HUGE,

The Weed Street Journal

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