A study led by Jomar M. Cunha, E.A. Carlini, Aparecido E. Pereira, Oswaldo L. Ramos, Camilo Pimentel, Rubens Gagliardi, W.L. Sanvito, N. Lander and R. Mechoulam in 1980 was conducted to see the effect of Cannabidiol a non-psychoactive ingredient of cannabis on its treatment of epileptics. The study used 16 healthy volunteers to conduct the study. All of them had epilepsy. Of the volunteers, 8 received a 3mg/kg dose of Cannabidiol and the other 8 were given a glucose placebo. During the experiment the subjects continued to receive the antiepileptic drugs they were taking before the test. Of the 8 subjects 4 of the Cannabidiol subjects remained almost convulsion free throughout the experiment, 3 reported a partial improvement in their condition.  The CBD (Cannabidiol) treatment was not effective in one patient. In the 8 placebo patients 7 reported no improvement and 1 reported complete improvement in their condition. This study concluded that CBD may be an effective treatment for epilepsy.

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