What you will need:
-Graham Crackers
-Ground Weed
-Peanut Butter and/or Nutella (whatever suits your fancy)
-Toaster Oven
-Tin Foil
Quick and Easy Instructions:
First Step: Get two graham crackers and spread a decently thick coat of peanut butter on both of them. Warm your toaster oven to 220 degrees while you do this.
Second Step: Sprinkle however much marijuana as you want onto one of the coated graham crackers.
Third Step: Sandwich your graham crackers together so you have a sort of graham cracker marijuana Oreo.
Fourth Step: Wrap your firecrackers with tin foil so that it is completely covered.
Fifth Step: Toss your firecrackers into the oven for 15 minutes
Sixth Step: Medicate.
Enjoy your medication.