Green Crack from the Greenhealth Cooperative

WSJ Team May 31, 2011 0

A review from our friend at the Seattle Cannabis Journal



GreenHealth Cooperative


EFFECTS: energetic, wild, goofy, exciting body sensations
SMELL/TASTE: sassafras root, young pine, skunk

POSITIVE: Thorough, energetic, racy
NEGATIVES: Some users may experience uncontrollable thoughts, increased heart rate, requires experience

QUALITY OF LIFE: Depression, fatigue, lack of appetite

(Patients who have shown consistent results not added to this quick reference, please contact [email protected])

On the surface Green Crack gives off a memorable skunk that carries the pleasant aroma of sassafras root. When ground it reveals young pine, leaning towards saccharine in combination with the sassafras. The entire bouquet possesses a slick astringent quality, but leans toward its earthier notes overall. The smooth draws of the varietal remain full-flavored throughout, with pleasant returns on the aroma.

Laughably named, the user cannot help but realize the meaning behind the lazy association. The buzz rushes in with a whirlwind of thoughts and sensation, punching between the eyes and spreading before bearings are gotten. Green Crack offers recreational reprieve for most anyone, a fun and playful stone that can entertain for hours. Novice users may wish to warm up to this varietal, the possibly mind and reality bending properties of Green Crack’s cerebral effects can be hard to avoid without a minimum tolerance.

Medicinally, Green Crack wild drive may aid those suffering from fatigue and depression associated with opioid use and chronic illnesses.  Some patient’s will benefit from its almost obnoxiously invasive desire to eat, the rest of us will do our best to act civil around the pantry.  This varietal has flown off the shelves up and down the West coast due to a unique high that represents on all fronts. A great choice when less thorough buzzes have worn thin.




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