A study led by researchers at the University of California, San Francisco was conducted to see the efficacy of using cannabis while under Hepatitis C treatment in order to extend treatment. As cannabis use is illegal the researchers could not give any of the 71 study patients cannabis, however, some of the patients had said they were cannabis users. The results were quite interesting on average cannabis users were able to last in treatment for 38 weeks while non-users remained in treatment for 33 weeks. The study will have a very difficult time because of the missing factors as a result of the cannabis not being given by the researchers. Cannabis use could have been under reported or over reported which can cause considerable bias. Also the cannabis that is used by the patients although most likely received in cannabis clubs legally would not be the same strain or have the same bioactive compounds. Regardless of these shortcomings cannabis use did not negatively impact Hepatitis C treatment and it raises the question can marijuana be used to extend treatment and make sure there are no more virological relapses.

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