A study led by Dr. Peter Medveczky, MD at the University of South Florida was conducted in 2004 to see the effect of THC on gamma herpes viruses. Gamma herpes viruses are normally can cause an increase in the risk of cancer. These viruses can stay dormant in your white blood cells for long periods of time and can then suddenly reactivate and become very dangerous and harmful. In Dr. Medveczky’s study he found that small doses of concentrated THC specifically target a gene called ORF 50 in gamma herpes viruses and inhibits the spread of the virus. This study was done in vitro and the effects of THC on gamma herpes viruses have not been studied in animals. Dr. Medveczky emphasized that more studies should be done. Although this study showed significant inhibition of the spread of the virus, Dr. Medveczky stated that people should not smoke pot to treat cancer or any other disease because it has immune-suppressive qualities as well.

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