Today I ventured off into Washington D.C. to a Caribbean Festival that takes place every year.  Of course I was met with the numerous amounts of Bob Marley posters and freshly prepared jerk chicken, but I also stumbled across a stand promoting Hi-T organic hemp iced tea.  Like most of you reading this article, I had never seen or even heard of hemp iced tea in my entire life, so the sight of such a thing was intriguing to say the least.

After speaking to the gentlemen running the stand, he offered me a sample and asked for my honest opinion.  All I can say is that I was delightfully surprised with the smooth taste. If I wasn’t told beforehand that this iced tea was made from hemp seed syrup then I would have no idea.  The taste, a blend of green and black tea, is very similar to high end brands such as Lipton Green Tea and Honest Tea, yet a bit heavier with its own uniqueness to the flavor.  As you can see in the picture provided, Hi-T comes in a 12oz can with an orange label.  Overall, I was without a shadow of a doubt very pleased that I came across this product.  This just goes to show you that hemp itself has various uses that are yet to be exposed in the United States.  Perhaps as the marijuana reform movement progresses we will eventually witness the legalization of hemp production in the United States.

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