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Hotboxing is a common stoner activity that is tremendously fun and can be made into a creative experience. To hotbox you have to find a relatively small sealed area to smoke in like a bathroom or car. The concept of hotboxing is to basically smoke marijuana in this sealed space and when you exhale you are surrounded by smoke that will medicate you even further. Whether or not you get higher remains to be seen, but being surrounded by smoke will definitely get you more impaired. When you inhale smoke that has already been inhaled the active ingredients may be gone but the CO2 will still be there and will still let you have fun.

Lets cut the mambo jumbo and I will tell you how I enjoy hotboxing. The best times I have hotboxing is when I smoke in the bathroom with a lot of my friends. We would bring in speakers to play music and use a small laser light contraption that would look awesome when there would be smoke filling the room. We’d bring the blunts in and blaze. The atmosphere was very chill, and I enjoyed it tremendously every time.

Hotbox the Universe
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