The Weed Street Journal has compiled a list of methods that we know of that efficiently ash your toking device without breaking it.


Ashing a blunt is relatively simple! There are four well-known methods you can follow.

-The Blow: when you are outside and do not care where the ash will fall you can blow on the end of the blunt where the ash is and it wall fall off. Pretty Simple.

-The Ash to Edge: Gently graze the ashy part of the blunt on a surface, the ground, an ash tray or a cup.  Anything will work really.

-The Ash Tap: Tap the blunt gently. It is fragile and this method sometimes does not work, but the ash should fall off when you lightly tap it.

-The Beat Down: Hold the blunt and slap it against the side of an ash tray. The ash will fall off.  WARNING!! This could damage a fragile blunt.


Ashing a joint is relatively simple and depending on how it is rolled you could even ash it like a cigarette.

-The Flick: This method really only works if you have a joint that is tightly rolled.  It is recommended that it has a filter for dexterity. Flick the part of the joint where the filter is and the ash will fall off.

-The Blow: As we described earlier simply blow on the end of the joint with the ash and be certain you do not care where the ash falls because this method is messy.

-The Ash to Edge: Graze the ashy part of the joint on any surface and watch the ash fall off gracefully.

-The Ash Tap: Tap your joint and the ash should fall off. Make sure to be gentle.

-The Beat Down: Hit the joint at the middle against the side of an ash tray the ash will fall off. This could damage the joint so be wary when using it.


-The Blow: Blow inside the bowl and the ash will fly out. Messy but effective.

-The Light to Bowl: Pull out the bowl and tap on the under part of the bowl with your lighter relatively gently and the ash should fall out.

-The Scoop: Using your finger, or any object that could be substituted for a nail, scoop out the ash. Recommended for ash that is really sticky-icky and will not come out.

-The Bitch Slap: Take the bowl out of the bong and hit the bowl against the palm of your hand a few times. This gives the bowl a proper message without doing any damage to it. This is a messy but a very effective method to ashing your bowl.

-The Vacuum: Take the bowl of your bong out of the stem then flip it over so that it is directly on the the hole. Inhale deeply and the ash from the bowl will be sucked in to the bong and will stay in the water until it is cleaned out.


The pipe has very similar ashing methods to a bong.

-The Blow: Blow into the bowl the ash will fall out. Messy

-The French Blow: While holding the shotgun blow into the bowl from the mouth piece and the ash will fly out of the bowl.  This is a really messy method. Ash flies everywhere like a volcano.

-The Light to Bowl: Turn your piece upside down and tap it with your lighter the ash should fall out.

-The Scoop: Use your finger or any object to scoop out the ash.

-The Bitch Slap: Slap the bowl against the palm of your hand. She will soon cough up that ash and you won’t even hurt your bowl.


Since the bubbler has water in it you cannot really turn it upside down or blow into. Be careful that when you are removing the ash you do not tilt the bubbler too much.  This could result in a wet bowl and ruin your sesh.

The Pull: Hit the bowl as if you were taking a hit, covering up the carb/shotgun.  Use enough sucking pressure to pull the ash through into the water, which you will dump out later.

The Blow:  Blow into the bowl and the ash will fly out

The Scoop: Scoop out the ash with your finger or any object that will work.