For all of you who do not know what a sploof is, it is a device that filters the marijuana smoke you exhale. This device can be easily made and really helps dissipate the potent smell that is always associated with pot.

Materials Needed:

A Lighter

An Empty Water Bottle

Dryer Sheets

Making a sploof is very simple and can help you out if you are in an area that you do not want to smell up. To do so:

1.Burn 5 Holes at the bottom of your water bottle

2.Stuff in a lot of dryer sheets into your water bottle. Fill it up completely.

3. Smoke your bowl and exhale into the Sploof from the mouthpiece of the water bottle….DO NOT INHALE ANYTHING FROM THE SPLOOF! DRYER SHEETS ARE TOXIC IF INHALED!


Boom, an easy 5-minute process to cutting down the smell of weed smoke.