How to Make a Roachinator

WSJ Team June 16, 2011 0

I’m sure we have all smoked our fair sure of blunts in our days as marijuana enthusiasts, but what do you do when faced with an ever-shrinking roach? Unfortunately, a lit blunt won’t last forever and will continue burning until there is nothing else to burn, or of course if you decide to throw it out.  But wait, there may be more buds inside that roach that your about to toss so don’t just throw it out yet!

Unless the roller decided to use a filter, or mouthpiece, then there should be a good amount of product left inside the blunt once it starts waving its final goodbyes. One particular method that has become a favorite here at The Weed Street Journal is called “roachination”.  This term may sound very intense and intimidate you at first, but it simply means that you are taking a water bottle, or any bottle for that matter, and using it as a bowl for your roach.  This device is called a “roachinator” and is very easy to construct, just follow these steps”

Step 1) Find an empty bottle

Step 2) Remove any water, liquid, or residue from inside the bottle. This is easiest if you don’t wait until the last minute.  Just empty a water bottle before you spark your blunt and it should be dry by the time you decide to roachinate.

Step 3) Take a look at the end of the blunt that you are pulling from. Snap a mental picture the general dimensions of the blunt and burn a small hole on the side of the bottle toward the bottom. The roach should fit snugly into this hole.  Be careful and go slow when burning the hole, it takes practice to get it right every time.

Step 4) Now that you have your roach in place, all you need is a carb. Burn another whole about ¼ turn to the left of the hole that contains the roach.  This hole will be used when lighting the roachinator and should be about 3x-5x larger than the roach hole.

Step 5) Grab a lighter!! That’s it! Simply press your lips to the mouthpiece of the bottle and light the roach.  Always remember to cover the carb with your thumb when lighting your herb!

Play around with different types of bottles and see what you like the best.  Some will love the added high you get when taking such a strong rip from a roachinator like this, while others lungs won’t be able to tolerate it.  Construct a roachinator that is completely unique to you and let us know how it goes.

PS: The picture above is not a blunt, just a piece of paper rolled to impersonate one.  Roachinators are meant to be used for blunts, not joints.

Happy toking,

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