What is a Solar Hit?

WSJ Team June 8, 2011 0

A solar hit is an interesting way to hit your bowl of ganja. It is pretty simple you need a bowl, some good sunlight, a magnifying glass, and some buddha. Basically, you pack your bowl and shine light from the sun into the magnifying glass. The light that is focused from the lens in the magnifying glass should be pointed into your bowl, and voila you will get a hit!

This method of smoking is a bit healthier for you then using a lighter because you are not inhaling noxious gases. Also, the bowl tends to last for a longer time because your bud is not burned up as quickly. If you have a magnifying glass and want to enjoy a bowl outside give it a shot. If not, it is not really a great or novel way of burning your meds.

Medicate Safely,

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