New Jersey Accepting Patient Applications for Medical Marijuana

WSJ Team August 11, 2012 0

After a two year delay, seriously ill patients in the state of New Jersey will finally be allowed the legal access to medical marijuana that they were promised. On Monday, the state government of New Jersey started taking applications from patients. This process has been long and drawn out and while patients are happy that there is finally something happening; they worry that it may still be a long time before they actually get access to cannabis.

After passing the use of legalized medical cannabis in mid-2010, New Jersey government officials have dragged their heels in implementing any new laws. Some patients and supporters argue that government officials are doing this deliberately in an effort to stall legalization as long as possible.

Even after applicants are approved, it will still be extremely difficult for them to obtain legal marijuana. The current law does not allow medical marijuana users to grow their own marijuana and must buy their meds at a licensed dispensary.

For a dispensary to be licensed it must have non-profit status. At the moment, only six dispensaries have been given preliminary approval. Only one of the six is prepared to open its’ doors.

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