K2 and Spice are the newest “drugs” to hit the American public. The main psychoactive chemical in K2 and spice is called JWH-018.  Dr. John W. Huffman, an organic chemist at Clemson, synthesized this cannabinoid and discovered it produces similar effects as THC does on animals. Recently, these drugs have gone under major scrutiny from the government and many medical professionals. The drug has been rumored to cause seizures, and based on our personal experience major headaches that can last for days.

If you wanted to purchase K2 or Spice you could simply go to your closest head shop or even gas station and buy packages of what look and smell similar to potpourri. The chemical JWH-018 and other cannabinoids would be sprayed on to these incense products and could then be marketed as “incense”.

The DEA came out with an emergency ban on the chemicals on the products on March 1st, 2011. However, the producers of K2 have already created new synthetic cannabinoids to spray on their incense to keep it legal. Once again, the DEA fails at doing its job.

It really seems to confuse the DEA as to why there is such a large market for this fake pot, but it turns out to be very obvious. MARIJUANA IS ILLEGAL. If it was legal nobody would smoke some potpourri sprayed with chemicals made in God knows whose basement to get a high that is far worse and unhealthy than a marijuana high.

We do not want to sound like hippies, but we usually shy away from synthetically made drugs. Especially, when there is a much better alternative.

The Weed Street Journal