I’m sitting here on a rainy day when my arthritic back hurting and my depression being made worse by the gloomy weather. I think about taking some of my doctor prescribed meds but don’t really want to deal with the side effects. Which is worse, my pain or the side effects? Unfortunately for me, I live in a state that doesn’t allow the medical use of marijuana. It didn’t even make it on the ballot this election.  Check out below the potential side effects of some commonly prescribed meds and compare it to the side effects of cannabis.

First, let’s look at cannabis. Potential side effects: Being hungry, sleepiness, dizziness or confusion from being high, mild cough from inhalation, relaxed mood, ability to cope better under stress, and less pain.

Now let’s look at the side effects of some popular prescribed drugs used to treat conditions like mine.

Seroquel: Used to treat everything from insomnia to psychosis. Possible side effects include breathing difficulties, painful erection that can last for hours, missed periods,  involuntary muscle movements, difficulty walking, hives and chest pain.

Cylexa: Used to fight depression. Possible side effects include :coma, seizures, swelling of the face, chest pain, irregular heartbeat,  fever, shortness of breath

Flexerall: Used for muscle spasms in the back caused by injury, pinched nerves, etc. Possible side effects include: fever, irregular heartbeat, dizziness, difficulty swallowing, rash, swelling of the tongue.

Percocet: Used to relieve pain. Possible side effects include shallow breathing, slow heartbeat, seizures, yellowing of the eyes.