Lime Sorbet review and information

Lime Sorbet is an indica marijuana strain.

Lime Sorbet can make you feel sleepy and has been reported to help with anxiety. Lime Sorbet has a relatively strong lime aroma. Some side effects and negatives has been experienced with this strain including dry eyes.

Indica strains usually make you feel calm and are good to take when you want to relax or before bed. They are the most commonly known effects of the strain. Sedation can immediately take effect after using Indica. It means that you might get sleepy after consuming one. Many Indica users said that the anxiety that they have experienced before was almost gone after a few uses. You might have known about the anxiety treating effect of Indica, but some users have experienced paranoia and more anxiety with continuous usage.

Lime Sorbet characteristics and details

What is Lime Sorbet used for?

➜Lime Sorbet has been reported to help with anxiety, stress, pain.

How does Lime Sorbet smell?

➜Lime Sorbet aroma is recorded as lime, citrus, skunk.

How does Lime Sorbet make you feel?

➜Lime Sorbet can make you feel sleepy, relaxed.

What are Lime Sorbet's side effects?

➜Negative impacts ofLime Sorbet are dry eyes, dry mouth.

Lime Sorbet is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing Bubba Kush with Lime Skunk. Blending these distinct strains produced a remarkable phenotype that is exceptional in flavor and versatile in effect. Lime Sorbet produces pleasant feelings of relaxation while subduing both anxiety and stress. In terms of flavor, Lime Sorbet offers a pungent and earthy aroma mixed with the tart flavor of fresh lime. Medical marijuana patients often choose Lime Sorbet to relieve symptoms associated with chronic pain, mental stress, and anxiety. This strain is known to produce dry mouth when smoked in large quantities, so it’s best to stay hydrated while you partake. According to growers, Lime Sorbet flowers into fluffy buds with light olive green foliage, thick white trichomes, and fire orange hairs throughout. This strain was originally bred by Cresco Labs.