There has been a lot of excitement over the new marijuana laws. But we have spent so much energy on the big ones–marijuana fully legalized in 2 states; that we have forgotten about the local counties and towns. Many of them had local marijuana laws which were voted on. Great strides was made in this area, as well.

In California, which has been teetering on its’ laws, didn’t do much better this voting season. Local measures to allow dispensaries or overturn the current messy laws guiding them, was defeated. This is unfortunate for California patients who can’t get the meds that they need.

In Vermont, Burlington voters answered a question about whether or not they would consider legalized marijuana. Seventy percent of voters answered, ‘yes.”

A lot happened in Michigan with an overwhelming majority saying that they would prefer fines over jail time for those arrested for possession. In Grand Rapids, this was approved and will hopefully go into effect soon. In Detroit and Flint, measures passed to remove local penalties for jail time. In Ypsilanti, marijuana now ranks lowest on local law enforcement priorities.In Kalamazoo, 64% of voters showed support for regulated dispensaries.

In Massachusetts, voters said yes to legalized medical marijuana in 6 districts and 45 towns. They also voted to call Congress to repeal federal prohibition.