Los Angeles Demands LAPD Work with DEA to Close Down Dispensaries

WSJ Team September 8, 2012 0

Las Angeles city council has instructed the LAPD to coordinate efforts with the DEA in order to shut down marijuana dispensaries throughout the city. A city wide ban on dispensaries went into effect on September 6th.  “We need to get out of the way of law enforcement,” said Councilmen Bernard Parks,  a former L.A. county police chief. “State law allows for collectives. It does not allow for the sale of marijuana.”

Medical marijuana proponents are surprised at this latest action taken by the city of Las Angeles. Kris Hermes of Americans for Safe Access said, “it is unsettling to have local government work with federal government to undermine a state law.” Proponents go on to state their concern over what toll the closing of dispensaries will have on the city including economics (closed business mean higher unemployment) and medical concerns over patients who are being denied their meds.

The city of Las Angeles is acting as if it is out of touch with its’ own citizens and the California supreme court..  Recently, the state supreme court threw out the case of Pack vs. the City of Long Beach, raising questions concerning  the legality of the Las Angeles ban on dispensaries In 2009 a poll of Las Angeles voters found that 77% of them favored regulated use of marijuana over a complete ban..

More than half of the council members will be up for reelection in March 2013. Proponents of legalized marijuana are calling for voters to elect new members in their place.


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