Marijuana Bills That Never Passed

WSJ Team October 25, 2012 0

There has been a great deal of press about upcoming bills to legalize marijuana in one form or another. But did you know that there have been bills in several states  which never were voted on? Look below and find out if your state is on the list and why the bill never made it to the ballot in 2012.

Alabama – The Michael Phelps Compassionate Care Act (HB 0025)  Would have legalized marijuana for medical purposes. Died without being discussed during a legislative session.

Iowa –  SF 266 Would open to discussion the idea of creating a medical marijuana act. Died because it never advanced in committee.

Maryland – Had two bills HB 15 and SB 995. The Maryland Medical Marijuana Act (HB 15) Authorized the use and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia by patients and caregivers “under specific conditions.” Died because it was never voted on in Senate. SB 955 was pretty much the same as HB 15, only was worded longer. Died because it never was voted on in the House.

Mississippi – Senate Bill 2252 Would have legalized medical marijuana for the seriously ill. Died in senate legislature session.

Oklahoma – SB 572 The Compassionate Use Act of 2011 would remove criminal penalties for those with a doctor’s prescription. Died when it did not advance before the legislative deadline.

Tennessee – Has had two house bills: one in the senate (SB 294) and one in the house (HB 251)  Both bills were called “the safe access program” and would make it legal for doctors to prescribe marijuana to their patients. The house bill was taken off the legislative calendar by the sponsor. The senate bill died to due lack of support.

Wisconsin – HB 371 Would have provided a medical marijuana defense for those arrested for possession.  Died because it was not submitted before the deadline.


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