Marijuana Detox: How to Pass a Urine Test

There are a multitude of variables that dictate how quickly your body eliminates THC.  How much body fat you have, how often you exercise, the frequency and amount you smoke, and your own metabolism. This is why it is very difficult to estimate how much time it will take to rid your body of THC.

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Here are a few tips to help begin your detox:

1. Give yourself at least 3 weeks before your drug test to stop and detox (you might need more time if you smoke a lot and pack a bit of extra weight).

2. Exercise.  Since THC gets absorbed in your fat cells, it is important that you burn the fat cells that contain the THC you have accumulated while you have been smoking.

3. Eat low fat foods. Remember you are trying to burn as much fat as possible.

There is no need to drink excessive amounts of water while you are on your detox regimen. There is such a thing as water poisoning. Water does not cleanse the THC from your body’s fat cells.

4. Take a home drug test the day before your test. You can find these tests at your local pharmacy. If you pass then you are done detoxing and you will pass your test the next day. If you fail there are steps you can take to dilute your urine that are a bit risky and should only be taken as a last resort.

How to dilute your urine before your test (should only be used as last resort):


-Cranberry Pills or Cranberry Juice (Good Diuretics)


-Vitamin B Pills or 5 Hour Energy (High in Vitamin B)

-Creatine pills or powder (Exercise Supplement)

All of these supplements have a crucial role in the dilution of your urine that will soon be explained.

1. Begin your dilution the night before your test.  Drink 1.75 gallons of Cranberry Juice, or until your pee becomes clear.

2. Take 15,000 mg of creatine the night before. Lab urine tests check for dilution by checking the amount of creatinine (a byproduct of digested meat) in your urine.  If there is not enough in your urine it will be marked as dilute and nullified.

3. Wake up at least 3 hours before your test and take 10,000 more mg of creatine to boost your creatinine levels.

4. Take multiple Vitamin B pills or multiple 5 Hour Energy shots.  This will give your urine its yellow color even if it is dilute. That way it does not raise any flags when it is given to the tester.

5. It is important you drink a lot of water and cranberry juice again to dilute your urine.

6. Make sure to urinate multiple times before your test.  The moment you wake up is when your urine contains the most toxins, since you release a lot of toxins into your urine while you are sleeping.

7. Pee before your test and make sure the yellow tint has returned and your pee is not clear. Once again clear pee will raise suspicions that your urine is diluted. If it is clear, take more vitamin B until a yellow tint appears in your urine.

8. Finally, take the test. Try to give them mid stream urine as the start of your urination may contain more toxins.

9. Wait and hope for the best.  This is a risky method as you can only dilute your urine so much. Use caution when you do this considering it is still possible you fail or your urine comes up dilute.

Good luck with your detox and we wish you the best,

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