The MedTainer All in One Plastic Storage/Grinder

WSJ Team September 24, 2013 1

The Med+ainer is an odor-proof storage container that doubles as a handy grinder. It’s made out of medical grade plastic and available in a variety of colors. We got a free sample from and put together a quick photo review to see how this thing works.



The container separates into three separate pieces. Notice those sharp plastic teeth.



Put your goods in between the bottom and middle container and grind away.


Your left with perfectly ground material.


The pictures don’t show that this thing is completely odor and leak proof. We give the Med+ainer two thumbs up! You can purchase your Med+ainer from and they have an assortment of colors and special edition collaborations.


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  1. MarijuanaMemes September 30, 2014 at 3:47 AM - Reply

    Nice bit of kit. Some people are put of plastic grinders because they’re suppoosedly hard to clean. A simple method is to use some type of oil, let the grinder sit covered in oil over night then gently use a tooth brush to clean it. The residue should come off easily, leavuing you oil with lots of lovely trichomes to do with what you wish.

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