Melissa Etheridge Does Ad in Support of Legalized Marijuana in Colorado

WSJ Team October 14, 2012 0

Grammy winning musician Melissa Etheridge, who survived breast cancer in 2005, has always been public about her use of marijuana to treat the symptoms of chemotherapy. Now, she has gone one step forward by doing an ad to support Colorado’s Amendment 64. If passed, the amendment will legalize marijuana.

In the ad, which can be seen on YouTube,  Etheridge talks about her ordeal and how medical marijuana helped her.”…a few years ago I was going through cancer chemotherapy and I was suffering.  The nauseous, the pain, it was terrible. Prescription drugs were not helping.  The only thing that allowed me to function and re gain my strength was marijuana.”

Etheridge is a rock artist poplar for the bluesy feeling of her music and her confessional lyrics.  She was born in 1961 and grew up in Leavenworth, Kansas.  She paid her dues by playing local bars in Las Angeles. A lesbian, she is an activist for equal rights for the LGTQ community.

In her ad, she echoed the thoughts of many non smokers on the subject of legalized marijuana. “You know before I needed to use marijuana I just accepted the laws that treated marijuana users as criminals….I now see that it’s wrong to arrest adults for using marijuana and it’s even more wrong to allow gangs and cartels to profit from selling marijuana.  Instead, we should allow adults to possess limited amounts of marijuana and we should regulate marijuana sales in order to generate tax revenues for public schools construction  and other community needs.  To me regulating marijuana is simply the right thing to do.”

Etheridge is currently touring in support of her new album, 4th  Street Feeling.

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