Northern Virginia Lawmaker Pushes for Marijuana Decriminalization

WSJ Team January 23, 2015 1

Virginia – January 23rd, 2015 – The Virginia Public Radio aired a brief 52-second clip this morning “high”-lighting Senator Adam Ebbin’s argument during the General Assembly for the decriminalization of  marijuana. Before we get too excited and hit our stash drawers to spark one up on the corner in celebration, let’s remember this is for the “decriminalization” not the “legalization”, and Ebbin is quick to remind us all there is a serious difference between the two. His push for decriminalization will potentially prevent Virginia smokers from facing criminal charges if they are busted for possessing a specific amount of greens (that amount has yet to be finalized). In an effort to reduce harsh marijuana penalties, Ebbin is pushing for the instatement of SB 686 to the Commonwealth of Virginia – a Senate Bill that “lessens the penalty for possession of marijuana from a criminal offense, to a civil penalty of $100.” Ebbin admits that $67M is spent annually on law enforcement labor in VA focused on marijuana charges! Imagine the possibilities if this funding can be spent on something more resourceful for the state, or better yet, when we quit categorizing harmless smokers with hard criminals.

Click here to check out Senator Ebbin on Virginia Public Radio!

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