NY Times Places 1st Full Page Color Ad for Marijuana Start Up Leafly

WSJ Team August 5, 2014 0

The times are a changing indeed for the cannabis industry. Readers of The New York Times were treated to the first ever, full page color ad for a marijuana related business. Leafly, a Seattle, Washington based start-up placed the ad in the Sunday edition of the paper. The ad featuring the tag line “Just Say Know”,  is a play on words aimed directly at Nancy Regan’s infamous quote “Just Say No” [to drugs].

Leafly is a marijuana strain resource which allows users to research over 800 different marijuana strains. In addition to images, users can read up on medicinal uses and effects of each strain. They also have a dispensary locator for those located in or around medical states. It’s interesting to note a full page, color ad in The New York Times’ Sunday edition is roughly $200,000. Not bad for an industry that is rapidly emerging from the shadows. Check out the ad below courtesy of the New York Times.





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