Since before Barack Obama was elected President, it was a known fact that he consumed marijuana as a teenager, as revealed in the content of his memoir Dreams from My Father.  But until recently, the extent of Obama’s foray into the cannabis world was unclear.  With the upcoming release of David Maraniss’ book “Barack Obama: The Story,” due out June 19th, the world will learn just how in touch Obama was with the marijuana culture.

Several excerpts from the book have already been published online by various news outlets, including The Washington Post and The New York Times.  The excerpts provide a surprisingly intimate look into the exploits of our current President.  As a member of the “Choom Gang”, he is responsible for creating and successfully sharing new smoking traditions, such as total absorption and roof hits.  The former term describes the requirement to hold in cannabis smoke for as long as possible for maximum intoxication, and the latter is the act of inhaling smoke that collects on the top of a car roof during hotboxing (a technique also designed to maximize cannabinoid intake).  Obama was also known for yelling “Interception!” and grabbing the joint from the rightful recipient during passing.  All of this evidence demonstrates that not only did Obama smoke a lot when he was young, but he did so in such a way that he got as high as possible.

More details will emerge once the full book is released in mid-June.  Unfortunately, it seems the best parts were already given away.