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PROVIDER: GreenHealth Cooperative


EFFECTS: dreamy, lucid, slowing
SMELL/TASTE: sap, sour, cedar, roasted nut

POSITIVE: relaxing, present body stone
NEGATIVES: most users will use during the evening and nighttime hours

QUALITY OF LIFE: pain management, peripheral or mental and emotional agitation, insomnia

(Patients who have shown consistent results not added to this quick reference, please contact [email protected])

West Coast breeder’s club Reserva Privada selected OG Kush 18 (the ’18′ signifying its place among 40 plants of the same genetics) for its sour bouquet and high yields. On the surface the bud smells of a subtle cedar, with dominating sour notes of tree sap and roasted nut that rises to an almost astringent pitch. Ground or broken apart and OG Kush 18′s begins to shine, delivering a wonderful bouquet of strong hash like aromas, centering around the astringent like sap noted earlier. This aroma is present in the pleasantly sour inhalations.

The effects are a pleasant mix of uplifted mood paired with a deep and glowing body stone. This sensation emanates over the whole body, but can be invigorating or relaxing, as opposed to ‘couch lock’. Some may experience a shining Sativa clarity that can translate as both physically and mentally energetics.  As dose increases, mood may remain uplifted but expect a quiet mind, and increase in sedation. This strain has the potential to become lucidly stupefying, highly aware but also cognitively slowed. OG Kush 18 has the potential for soft conversation and stimulating activities, but may remain a great after hours choice for most users. A great varietal for introducing the OG’s, or Indica to Sativa differences. These positive effects remain somewhat more accessible to light users, and certainly those moderate ones.

Medicinally, patients who are left emotionally agitated by prescribed opioid use, or a disposition to wild mood swings and negative thinking could benefit from this strain that renders the user sedated, but not depressed. Patients have also reported that it is effective for pain management as well as insomnia.