A study led by Arkaitz Carracedo, Meritxell Gironella, Mar Lorente, Stephane Garcia, Manuel Guzmán, Guillermo Velasco, and Juan L. Iovanna in 2006 was conducted to see the effect of THC on a multitude of pancreatic cells in vitro and in vivo. The particular pancreatic cells were MiaPaCa2 and Panc1. The researchers allowed the tumor cells to grow to 250 mm3    the cells were then treated with different sized doses of THC in vitro and in vivo the cells were shown to have major cell death as a result of induced apoptosis. In all cells there was more Ceramide evident which is another chemical that induces apoptosis. The researchers in the study concluded that THC had major antitumor effects and caused remarkably significant apoptosis in all cancer cells that were tested.

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