Police Return Marijuana Plants to Grower

WSJ Team October 24, 2012 0

In a pleasant twist of fate, Maine police returned marijuana plants to a grower. The plants were stolen from the greenhouse of Thomas Davis, who grows the plants legally for medical distribution.

Police Chief Harold Page said that  Aaron Pert confessed to  stealing the plants from Davis’ greenhouse when he was arrested. He has been charged with possession, burglary and theft.  The police department waited 2 days to return the plants because they were waiting on DEA officials to give them the go ahead.

Both the police department and Davis hope that the incident will open doors to more cooperation between police departments and legal marijuana growers. Both agree that Pert took the plants thinking that the theft wouldn’t be reported to police. The arrest of Pert sends clear signals that it is not acceptable to steal plants from legal growers and not get punished.

Unfortunately, most of the plants fell to fungus during those two days and didn’t make it. Davis said that he now has only a one month supply. Other growers have offered to provide him with plants to make up for the loss. Otherwise, Davis worries about where his patients will be able to go to get their medical cannabis.

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